Refund Policy

• Once an item(s) is returned or found missing in order at the time of delivery, a refund will be raised that time itself. The final payment collected from the customer will be the one after deducting the specific amount from the total order amount. It can be cash/card / Sodexo. In the case of bank transfer / online payment, the specific amount will be added as a credit against the concerned customer account held
• If an item(s) is found missing or returned at a later point of time’, a communication will be received by you regarding the same. If a refund is raised, the specific amount will be credited to your bank account with the facility of NEFT/RTGS at the earliest slot possible. Normally we follow ‘no question asked return/refund policy.
• If you haven’t received the benefit of refund amount for two orders following the ‘issue order’, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service Manager at or WhatsApp.

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